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Training Services

1. Training on building and repairing Computers and Computer Networks

2. Training on Wireless Technology: Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), plus other Telecommunication products for the Government and businesses.

3. Training of Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OutLook), from Basic level to Advanced Levels

4. Training on Medical Software and Medical Equipment for Hospitals, Clinics, etc. 

5. Solar Energy and Wind Turbine Energy training for Government buildings, Businesses, and Residential buildings (Get constant supply of Electricity--24 Hours, no interruptions, run all your Appliances at no additional costs, and also save the environment) 

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Security Training

a. Training & Development for Government and Private Personnels in the Physical Security. 
 i)  Use of Self-Defense/ Advanced Martial Arts Techniques 
 ii) Dis-Arm of Guns, Knives, and other deadly weapons 
iii) Use of Bullet-Proof Vests, and other body Armors
iv) Use of all the self-defense equipment both in combat and patrols
V)  Use of Stun Guns, Tasers, Pepper Sprays, Telescopic Batons, Throwing-Stars, Hand-Cuffs.  
b. Training in the use of Bomb Detecting Devices, Drugs Detecting Devices plus; installation and services.
c. Training in the installation of advanced and smart Security Cameras, plus maintenance & services
d. Training in the installation of advanced SPY and Hidden Cameras and other Security devices
e. Training in Cyber-Security, and other counter-terrorism measures via the Internet and Computers.
f. Training in the use of GPS-Tracking & Monitoring for Cars, Fleet of Vehicles, People, Wife, Husband, Children.
g. Training in Phone Spy and other Spying methods.
h. Training in the Jammers, Anti-Jammers and ways to manipulate them
i. Training in Security Awareness and professionalism, routine duties, special types of security, emergency situations
Computer Technology training at takabisComputer/Technology Training

a. Training & Development for Business, Government and Private Personnels in Technology. 
 i)  Introduction to Information Technology 
 ii) Using the World Wide Web for research and facts finding
iii) Introduction to cyber-security

b. Training in Network computing, configuration and setup.
c. Training in Microsoft Office Suite – Ms. Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint
Leadership/Communication Training

a. Training & Development for Business, Government and Private Personnels in Leadership and Communication. 
 i)  Collaborative Leadership skills for mangers  
 ii) Publishing interpersonal and communication skills
iii) Employee’s Motivation and Increasing Productivity

Happy To help @ Takabisb. Training in the use of communication for effective leadership.
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Basic Security Training 
Part One – Mental Awareness
Security Awareness
Ethics and Professionalism
Professional Image
Public Relations

Part Two – Routine Daily Duties
Post Orders
Observation Skills and Memory
Report Writing

Part Three – Special Types of Security
Theft Prevention
Physical Security
Alarm and Access Technology

Part Four – Special Types of Security (Continued)
Information Security
Traffic Control and Parking Lot Security
Crowd Control

Part Five – Emergency Situations
Crisis Intervention
Safety Awareness
Fire Prevention and Equipment
Hazardous Materials
Emergency Response

Part Six – Emergency Situations (Continued)
Bomb Threats
Terrorism and WMD
VIP Protection

Part Seven – Legal Aspects of Security
Use of Force
Apprehension and Detention
Crime Scene Procedures
Police and Security Liaison